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Proper nutrition is a key component of a long and healthy life for your pet.  There are many brands and styles of pet food available on the market today.  We recommend Hills Science Diet and Hills Prescription Diet foods for dogs and cats.  We can assist you in determining what the best choice is to feed your furry friend.  If your pet is prescribed a prescription diet, the doctor will work with you to develop a feeding plan for him or her.  We place orders for Science Diet on Friday afternoons and we can special order a food for you if you let us know in time!


We are also working to educate owners about pet obesity and ways to help pets lose weight.  If you believe that your pet's health is at risk due to obesity, please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss a plan of action to help your pet lose weight.  If you are interested in how much your pet weighs, you are welcome to stop in during business hours and use one of our scales.   





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