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We offer full grooming services to keep your pet looking their best.  Our groomers can do a full groom, a trim, or just a bath.  All grooms and baths are by appointment only and usually book a few weeks in advance.  All pets coming in for grooming must be current on vaccinations.


When you bring your pet in to be groomed, you will be asked how you want them groomed and the staff member assisting you will also ask if you need the doctor to look at anything on your pet and review with you any reminders that are due.  Please allow a few minutes when you drop your pet off to handle these items.  If someone else is dropping your pet off, we will need to be able to contact you to review any procedures that are needed, grooming style, etc.  In most cases, the groomer can work with you on a specific pick-up time if needed. 


A standard grooming appointment includes:

  • Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Grooming
  • Anal Sac expression


While your pet is being groomed, the groomer will notify the doctor of any issues they find such as fleas, hot spots, ear infections, growths, etc.  If your pet has fleas, they will be given a Capstar which will start killing the fleas within 30 minutes and protect the rest of the patients in the clinic.  In the case of other issues, you may receive a phone call from the doctor so it is important that the number we have on file for you is correct.  In other instances, the doctor may wish to speak with you when you pick up your pet.




Grooming Glossary


Sanitary Cut: Trimming of the genital area and the area around the rectum to keep the pet cleaner. 


Anal Glands: Also called Anal Sacs, these are small glands that are present on either side of the rectum.  These are expressed prior to your pet being bathed.


Topknot: A term used to describe the longer hair or tuft that is found on the top of the head


Poodle Feet/Clean Feet: Shaving the feet so they look bare, but not up far enough that the ankle shows. 


Poodle Face/Clean Face: Shaving the face, muzzle, & cheeks so they look bare (like poodle feet).  Great for messy dogs!


Pluck Ears: Many breeds have an excess amount of hair in their ears that needs to be removed periodically to prevent infection.  Groomers do this, if necessary, prior to cleaning and trimming your pet's ears.


Quick: This is the blood vessel that runs through your pet's toenail.  Occasionally when nails are trimmed, the quick is cut and causes the animal to bleed some.  If this happens, a topical product is applied to stop the bleeding.


Hot Spot: A localized, superficial infection of the skin that is secondary to trauma that is self-inflicted (chewing at fleas, allergies, etc.)  If your pet has a hot spot, the doctor will exam it, treat it, and dispense medication if needed.